Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carole arrives at Mayo!

Cindy (Carole's daughter) has updates for everyone that is following Carole's progress, they have safely arrived in Mayo:

Cindy writes:

"My laptop crashed yesterday. my friend's brother lent me his so I will have limited access. I am on the guest pc at the hotel. unfortunately, i left the power cords home so i will not be able to use the laptops much at all nor reconfigure mine. it's been a long day. I will be keeping in touch providing updates via facebook because it's the easiest way."

"On the shuttle from the airport to here we met a guy 44 yrs old from boston who had cholangiocarcinoma & received a liver transplant but is coming here for checkups. he gave us very valuable information. His wife & I exchanged email addresses because they now are part of the 'fan club' of my mom's, but we all agree we probably will run into them throughout the week at Mayo."


We should hear more once Carole's test results start to provide more insight into Carole's future prognosis in regards to a Liver Transplant.

Cows on skis?

I asked Cindy what she could tell us about visiting MN and Mayo and she responded with:

"I noticed people ski all over to get to locations. I can only imagine if we were home (outside of Philadelphia) what that would be like all of us skiiing to get to locations. We'd probably be put away! So, besides Mayo, which is a very huge place, a sort of city within a city that you can traverse underground, I didn't see anything but the twin cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, grazing cows, & people on skis!"

I'm so glad that Carole and Cindy are able to keep their spirits high, sounds like they had some laughs together! I would love to see the cows skiing...oops I mean the people skiing to get around, that sounds much better then filling up at the gas tank in Philadelphia!

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