Sunday, December 21, 2008

Win a Huge Gift Basket full of handmade goodies!

This Gift *Basket filled with Handmade (and vintage) goodies (value of approx $250.00)is to Benefit Carole Stites-Luka who is in desperate need of a Liver Transplant. See all the goodies you could win below!!

Each entry only $1.00 and will benefit Carole, it's paid directly to:
You can make the donation via paypal to ID:

WIN ALL OF THE ITEMS SHOWN BELOW, including free advertising and gift certificates!!

Visit the Etsy Thread!
WHO? Anyone located in the United States can participate (except where prohibited by law)

WHEN? Drawing to be held Jan 15, 2008 This is when Carole should just be getting settled in at the Mayo clinic!

1)For every $1.00 donation made using Paypal that is made in Carole's honor, you will be entered into a random drawing to win the Grand Prize. So if you donate $1.00 you will receive 1 entry, if you donate $10.00 you will receive 10 entries, if you donate $20.00 you will receive 20 entries, and so forth. 2)Donations are to be submitted here via paypal for this contest;
MAKE CERTAIN to indicate that the donations are in honor of Carole Stites-Luka!
3)Each donation that you make to, copy and paste the paypal transaction details showing the amount of your transaction into an email and send to: with your shop name or full name.

Use the phrase: I WANT TO WIN, in the subject line of the email.
4)The grand prize drawing will be held on 1/15/09. Winners will be notified by email, and your names will be posted here.

(please note, does accept credit cards, feel free to donate via that route, we apologize but we cannot accept that donation for the contest - the receipt does not provide the amount of the donation.)

Post comments here if you would like, but to participate in the drawing you MUST email (to the paypal receipt to win!! We will send you a confirmation of your raffle entry!


Read about Carole's Story here:
Carole's story

(value $75.00!!)

Donated by Wunderkrafts

....and all these goodies

The list of shops that have donated these items are listed below!
deborahspencer(bath products)
tackyhandmade(2 necklaces and green bag)
oodlesofpoodles(crocheted poodle)
Lolalynn(5 aceos)
lilbeansboutique(crocheted cap)
kimnettiedesigns(earrings and necklace)
laacesplaace(6 ice cream potholders)
elephantdance(3 thank you cards)
collectiblecachet(tea cup & saucer)
kittyanydots(hatch a plan - print)

for your Indie Shop or your Blog!! Front page of: for a 2 week run. Donated by Sue and El owners of Indiesmiles!

You can have your choice of a Showboat Feature or the Big Smiles 125x125 graphic.
Value up to $25.00!!


PLUS 2 Gift Certificates for $20.00...each to these great shops

(the pics are only examples from each shop, winner will receive the Gift Certificates)

VOID where prohibited by law!!
A winner will be drawn on 1/15/2009 using an online randomizer. The winner will be notified by email.

Once we have a winner, the items will be mailed from the individual Artisans, Vintage and Supply shops.

Any questions? Contact us at

Spread the word, by linking to this post. Also Twitter this blog for Carole!

Help Carole have a second chance!!

*all items are included, gift basket is not included.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Updates & Links for Carole

Cindy (Carole's daughter) has provided some links and updates. The links are all the current blogs (and websites) that are helping us get the word out about Carole.

But first, a recap of how to donate funds for Carole:
Tax-deductible donation to:

NFT Pennsylvania Liver Fund
5350 Poplar Ave., Suite 430
Memphis, TN 38119

Write "in honor of Carole Stites-Luka" on memo line
(they take paypal and credit cards)to make a secure online donation.
Click on Patients We Help; search for Carole Stites-Luka.
Call NFT for any questions: 800-489-3863

BACKPAGE--Los Angeles/Advertising Buy an Item Save a Life to send Carole messages/Her bio:
CINDY'S HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI--Announcement/Call for help: FACES OF CHOLANGIOCARCINOMA (Via the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation--Look for Stites-Luka,Carole): ETSY Shop--Shop owners donating their profits: http://wrappednwarmth.
ETSY Treasury link--Shop listings with products for sales; some items custom-made for Carole's liver fundraising cause:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carole responds to outpouring of LOVE!

We've decided to post this as a promotion, you can find the list of shops that are donating items here:

Please feel free to Twitter about Carole and post any donations you have or a link to this blog which will have a list of all donations.

Now, you will love this. Cindy went to visit her Mom this morning to get her ready for the Mayo Clinic. She then began to show her all of the donations, links, twitters, blogs, etc. in her honor. This is the email that Cindy sent me and I have her approval to place it here:

I came here this morning to my Mom's where I type this & pulled up a chair beside me, sat her down, & said I have something to show you--it's a surprise. I then navigated thru all the lists of links I sent you earlier. She was shocked & speechless. The 1st thing she said was 'Oh my God' & sat there w/wide eyes & her jaw dropped. I went thru each 1 & it took us hours to read every single message which I read to her aloud.

I was going thru your blogs, Susan, & she was welled up & shocked when she saw all those artisans donating, the blogs they have written, & posts on top of their pages. After a while, she said, 'But, I don't even know everyone...I can't believe this' but she was practically whispering this as if to say this to herself & because she was astonished.

I got thru her Facebook & Myspace accounts & by the time I got nearly thru her Myspace page that you set up, Dottie, my Mom was crying & so was I & neither of us ever cry because we're both naturally stoic. We did have some laughs, too. Peggy, when I showed her the bands' adds, she would say, 'Even rock bands?!' & I would say yes. We saw drummers & band members. Beth, I showed her your email distribution & said, "Mom, this is only 1 distribution." She is just awe-struck. She says thank you so much & so do I.

I think she is overcome. I know she is profoundly touched & inspired. All throughout this she kept saying 'This is something else. This is something else,' & she choked up as I read her messages & what people wrote. She saw what you did, Susan & Linda, & said 'This is Kenny's cousin?' I said yes. She said, 'But I...never met her. I cannot believe what she has done & what Linda has done too.' She said this also about the rest of you & kept saying it all throughout: 'I cannot believe what has been done.' I took a picture of her reaction but it is not uploading. I will try to keep working on that. Thank you! Cindy

Cindy=Carole's Daughter
Susan=Tackyhandmade & Tackybackintime
Linda=Laacesplaace (Susan's Cousin and Cindy's Sister-in-law)
Kenny=Linda's brother
Dottie=Cindy's aunt

I will be posting a list of all the links again. In the mean time, look at the list of artisans that have donated their wares. Make a purchase, the proceeds go directly to the website for the transplant.

Follow Carole on Twitter:

You can twitter the link to items that are donated, or this blog. Twitter until you fingers are sore!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Etsy Artisans Donate Items for Carole

You have to love the Etsy community! When they hear about a cause they jump to action! So far we've had several Etsy Artisans donate lovely handmade and vintage items from their shops.

Wait until you see this beautiful treasury of the items donated to beneift Carole:

9 sales so far. AWESOME!!

Thank you for helping Carole with her liver transplant!
The funds will be directly paid to:
"In honor of Carole Stites-Luka"They accept paypal!You can read about her as a patient on that website as well.Donate an item from your shop or purchase one of the great items already designated!
Donation List:
Laacesplaace: (all items donated)
ChristieCottage: (SOLD)
hemplady4u: ( 1 SOLD 9 MORE TO SELL )
****** Carole Jewelry ******** (SOLD)
paratu ( SOLD )
(if someone wants something else, I will donate 100% of the proceeds.)
Bizzielizzie((Shipping is on me!! 100% proceeds will be sent to fund!)SOLD
LolaLynn (I'll donate 50% of any item from LolaLynn's Holiday Gift section until the end of Dec)
whatshername (SOLD)

Read what one Etsier said in this post about Carole:

wunderkrafts says:
This is kind of a long story - so bear with me!!My son who just turned 2 in October almost died when he was 3 months and was subsequently hospitalized 8 times thereafter. So many people helped me out at this time.I have been thinking after I read this story and I have come up with an idea how I could "Pay Something Forward".I am going to make 5 pieces of jewelry and put them in my shop in the afternoon over the next 5 days -- All the proceeds will go to the foundation. I will post the first piece later this afternoon. It is going to be a Owl bracelet. I picked the Owl for wisdom - in hopes that Caroles doctors will have some!! Unlike some of my son's doctors.I hope people will look in and like them well enough to buy the pieces!!I am going to name it the "Carol Liver Fund Jewelry".If this offends anyone - please convo me and I will not do it.Thanks for reading!!

You can find Wunderkrafts shop at:

Special mention for Tiffanysdesigns:
for donating the blog banner and twitter background for Carole

Also, to two shops that assisted in putting out the call for Carole in Etsy: a special friend
and she was assisted by

I wish I could mention everyone that has helped so far, and in time I should be able to.

Please visit the link(s) and purchase an item to help Carole!
Spread the word in Twitter!

Friday, December 12, 2008

About Carole

Carole's Story

NOTE: This is created in honor of Carole for awareness & a plea for assistance toward her fight that necessitates a liver transplant.

To say this is a sweet, gentle, caring lady is a giver is an understatement; in the past she has demonstrated this many times over, e.g., participating in annual Multiple Sclerosis walks, running benefits, donating her time & energies toward numerous charitable causes: American Heart Association, American Legion, other various veterans-related orgs, & now American Cancer Society which this devastating diagnosis has now inducted her as a member recipient--these are just samples of her magnanimous & generous heart & nature. As a crossing guard, she had to painfully give up crossing kids where she once threw herself onto an oncoming car, saving a boy's life. There was never a time a child crossed her street who went without hats & gloves for she would go to stores & buy these herself--managers would hear of this & provide her discounts to buy in bulk.

Though she is a modest person, receiving this devastating news now forces her to fight for her life & be recipient of that 'pay it forward' philosophy she so instilled in her children & others. Please allow her to be the on the receiving end of this philosophy by providing her the gift of life. It is now her turn.

Thank you.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Carole Stites-Luka

Raising Hope, Changing Lives Loving wife, mother and grandmother Fall 2008

Dear Friend, What if you were living on borrowed time?

Carole Stites-Luka is.
This devoted wife, mother and grandmother went to the doctor in June 2008 for a routine check-up. Blood work revealed abnormal liver functions. After undergoing further tests, Carole was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma, a rare cancer of the bile ducts. There is no cure for her disease, and doctors say her only hope is a liver transplant.

Carole's life has undergone drastic changes in the short time since her diagnosis. Her health has rapidly declined, forcing her to retire from her job as a school crossing guard, a position she held for 22 years. She has also spent the past 30 years working at a flea market, and she's had to give that up too.

Despite her illness, Carole has high hopes for the future. She looks forward to the lifesaving transplant that will give her the energy to fully enjoy life again. But she needs your help. Unfortunately, Carole's hope for a new life comes at a very high price. A liver transplant costs approximately $500,000. And that's only the beginning. Even with health insurance, Carole will face significant medical expenses. For the rest of her life, she will need follow-up care and daily anti-rejection medications. The cost of post-transplant medications can range from $2,000 to $5,000 per month—and they are as critical to her survival as the transplant itself. It is estimated that in the short term, Carole will need at least $50,000 to cover her medical expenses.

To make matters worse, her husband, Daniel, was recently laid off from his job. He has postponed his job search until after her transplant, so he can accompany her to the many doctors' appointments she requires. The family will have to temporarily relocate to Minnesota to be near the transplant center, further adding to their financial burdens.

What if your life depended on the compassion and generosity of others? The National Foundation for Transplants (NFT) is working with volunteers and supporters to help relieve the growing burden of expenses for Carole and her family. NFT has been assisting transplant patients with advocacy and fundraising support for more than 25 years. Your gift—of $25, $50, $100 or more—will enable NFT to provide Carole with the financial support she desperately needs.

You can help in the following ways: Send a tax-deductible donation in the self-addressed envelope using the enclosed donation form, via check or credit card. Please make your check payable to NFT Pennsylvania Liver Fund. Remember to write "in honor of Carole Stites-Luka" on the memo line. Visit to make a secure online donation. Click on Patients We Help and search for Carole Stites-Luka. If you have any questions about NFT, their services or volunteering, feel free to contact the NFT staff at 800-489-3863.

Many Thanks,

P.S. What if Carole were your sister? Your mother? Your wife? Please send your gift today!