Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring to Action contest!

Win huge amount of gifts by bringing awareness to Carole's Liver Transplant
**It's easy***

No donations necessary to enter! But they are appreciated, you can donate in honor of Carole Stites-Luka at:

Help us "Spring to Action" and
and here are just some of the items you could win:

20 Fantastic Prizes - TWO WINNERS!!!!!!!
Anyone can win, open to all entries!!!!!!!!!
One grand prize winner and one runner up!!

see "how to enter' below!




First prize winner, gets choice of 10!!

2nd prize winner gets remaining 10 items!!

SO SPRING TO ACTION and helps us build awareness about Carole's desperate need for a Liver Transplant! - Her own Design for a Carole Bracelet - thanks Hemplady!! Laacesplaace's popular cupcake pin cushion and Flower Pin! The lovely Cupcake pin cushion will be a Yellow cupcake with Pink icing.
Generously donated these items:

Thanks to a talented artist from Cape Cod, for donating this whimsical, original ACEO!
A Gorgeous Necklace, Earring and Bracelet set, value $80.00!:
Thanks for the donation of 3 slices of Goats milk soap Counts as 3 prizes!
1)Java Mocha 2)Tropical Indulgence 3)Strawberries & Cream
(pic is just an example, slice soap only)

Donated this lovely African Necklace: - Thanks for the donations from this new Artfire shop!

Two free advertising spots from the newest Indie Coupon Portal!!


Giveaway Rules: (Be sure to follow the rules or you risk being disqualified)

Rule #1 -
Read about Carole's Story here:
Carole's Story

Rule #2 - Comment here!! Make mention of something in Carole's story that struck a nerve in your life. EARN 1 ENTRY

Rule #3 - After you have done the above, you can also gain additional entries by doing one of the following (just remember you must complete rule #2 first!)

Here are several ways that you can earn extra entries, Leave a separate comment here for each one of these that you do!!

1. Add this button to your sidebar or website (for contest duration) EARN 2 Entries:
Copy and paste to use - link to

(button donated by: Falcondraco Thank you!

2. Add this Button to your sidebar or website (for contest duration)EARN 2 ENTRIES.
Copy and paste to use - link to

3. Blog about this giveaway (and not just a link in a giveaway list - it needs to be a full blog post about the giveaway (counts as 5 ENTRIES!!!!!)(note, using sites like Myspace, I love Etsy, etc. and putting a full segment in about Carole and this giveaway counts as a blog post.

4. Twitter about this giveaway (copy & paste) - @liver4carole Huge "Spring to Action Giveaway" Bash on Liver4Carole Enter to win!

(RT (counts as 2 ENTRIES) We can count the amount of these tweets you post, just make sure to twitter the exact wording as above. :)

5.Sign-up for Carole's newsletter (see side panel) learn how to earn extra entries by forwarding the Contest Newsletter when it arrives in your inbox!

***Winners will be notified by email, url or Twitter ID, so make certain to include one of those in your comments!!*****

1st Prize winner gets CHOICE of 10 items, 2nd Prize winner gets the remaining 10 entries
Entries WILL BE closed AT 2/28/09 at Midnight E.S.T.:
Winner(s) drawn using online randomizer

Thanks for entering and helping us build awareness for Carole! A special thank you to all of the Artisans that have donated their handmade items to this contest!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Liver4carole - One of the top 10 best!

Not too much to say, except that Liver4carole is very popular, creative?
Maybe..we saw a need for the word to get out and Twitter helps to fulfill that need!

10 Examples of Creative Twitter uses

Pretty cool since Carole's Twitter Account is up there with Amazon and TV Guide!

Angel Flights Cancelled - Mayo Clinic Rescheduled

I received an Email from Cindy, Carole's daughter. Things were looking grim for transportation to the Mayo Clinic. Two seperate Angel flights were cancelled due to inclement weather and icy conditions on the landing strip(s).

Cindy was now forced to find new transportation for her Mom as time keeps ticking away!

So this is what Cindy had to say:
"We now will be staying in Penna. until 2/8 & my Mom's Mayo appt had to be rescheduled until Mayo's next avail appt which is the next day. We will not be flying on Angel Flights but have confirmed roundtrip tickets sponsored by Mercy Airlift, American Cancer Society, United Airlines, & Natl Patient Transportation. We hope to return on 2/14 but if she needs to be kept at Mayo are able to change the return flight without penalty. I need a chance to catch up so will be in touch with you further, & thanks again to you & everyone for continuous help."

Our prayers are with you both, I'm sure that this trip will leave on schedule and Carole will get to Mayo and have the necessary tests and chemo that is required for her treatment.

Forgotten Heroes!

While tweeting for Carole, I met the producer and director of this film,
Mr Jack Marino:

How exciting!! Looks like a great film!!

Mr Marino is going to place Carole's link on his film page!
In my eyes, she is our Forgotten Hero!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have a Contest Winner!!!

The winner is:
Lisa Davis
from Pennsylvania

Lisa owns the Etsy shop:

Lisa is the creator of the "Carole Bracelet" and will be donating one of the bracelets for our next contest, "Spring into Action". The next contest will not require donations, so anyone can play, see our upcoming contest rules for details!

Congratulations Lisa!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Item Donations needed for next contest!!

So much is happening to help Carole!

The present contest will end at midnight E.S.T. on 1/19/2009, we are gearing up for a new contest "Spring into Action" that will feature a giveaway of Spring items. If you have an item that you would like to donate please contact:
Sue at

Sign-up for updates concerning Carole's progress and future contests/fund raisers. See the top right of this blog to subscribe to the newsletters.

Mary Richmond has donated this original ACEO to the next contest "Spring into Action":
Thank you Mary, a fellow Twitter friend! Vist Mary's shop!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Contest Extended until 1/19/2009!!

Great news, the contest below has been extended for a few more days, the new deadline is 1/19/2009 at Midnight E.S.T. The winner will be announced on 1/20/2009.

Reason? The website was down for a few days for scheduled maintenance, there were several people that wanted to donate and enter the contest, but were unable to access the site, so we are answering the call!

See all the homemade goodies/vintage items, free advertising, and gift certificates that one grand prize winner will receive here:contest blog main post