Friday, January 23, 2009

Angel Flights Cancelled - Mayo Clinic Rescheduled

I received an Email from Cindy, Carole's daughter. Things were looking grim for transportation to the Mayo Clinic. Two seperate Angel flights were cancelled due to inclement weather and icy conditions on the landing strip(s).

Cindy was now forced to find new transportation for her Mom as time keeps ticking away!

So this is what Cindy had to say:
"We now will be staying in Penna. until 2/8 & my Mom's Mayo appt had to be rescheduled until Mayo's next avail appt which is the next day. We will not be flying on Angel Flights but have confirmed roundtrip tickets sponsored by Mercy Airlift, American Cancer Society, United Airlines, & Natl Patient Transportation. We hope to return on 2/14 but if she needs to be kept at Mayo are able to change the return flight without penalty. I need a chance to catch up so will be in touch with you further, & thanks again to you & everyone for continuous help."

Our prayers are with you both, I'm sure that this trip will leave on schedule and Carole will get to Mayo and have the necessary tests and chemo that is required for her treatment.

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