Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have a Contest Winner!!!

The winner is:
Lisa Davis
from Pennsylvania

Lisa owns the Etsy shop:

Lisa is the creator of the "Carole Bracelet" and will be donating one of the bracelets for our next contest, "Spring into Action". The next contest will not require donations, so anyone can play, see our upcoming contest rules for details!

Congratulations Lisa!!


gemini2928 said...

what a wonderful suprise to wake up to this am. i am so besdie myself here... YIPPYYYYYYY
can ya tell im happy ?
thank you so much ...

laace said...

I am sooo happy you won. I will get my items from the gift basket out to you ASAP.

kim* said...

congrats lisa!

gemini2928 said...

i am so honored to be the winner of such a great cause here. i plan on helping again to !
just wanted to stay in touch with what has came in so far from the contest and to thank you all again
i received some very lovely thank you cards from Elephantdance. great colors and very well made.
and from kittyanydots a real cute hatch a plan print.
also i received the prettiest necklace and earring set from kimNettiedesigns. wow i was very impressed with this set.
and last i got a gift certificate from merilsart for 20.00 to shop with ! wow im gonna have fun here.

thank you so much to each and everyone of you for such great items. i recommend everyone to check out these shops here you wont be disapointed at all...
i know this is not all the great items i am to receive so i will be back to let you all know about those to.
Lisa ( aka hemplady4u )

gemini2928 said...

the prizes keep coming in to me. i feel so much like a princess..
it started off again with a nice package from
laacesplaace i got 6 cute ice cream pot holder and a cute book mark. did'nt get to keep them long granddaughter took them to her mom cause she said i had enough to share..
from oodlesofpoodles
the cutest air freshner cover ever. this was the cutest ever and guess what ? granddaughter wanted that to for her bathroom. so im sharing the wealth..
nexti got in the mail today from
tackyhandmade. 2 georgeous necklaces. the blue one and crackle glass is so sparkly and the one with a shell i think is my ultimate fav of them both.. also an awesome hand bag that one is mine ! no sharing this one. love them . thanks tacky.
then i got from
christiecottage a beautiful neck warmer. i have never tried one of these before until now. wow i was really missing out here. and what better way then to receive something from such a great friend...
thank you to all of these lovely shops for all the goodies..
still more out there so i will be reporting back as they come in

gemini2928 said...
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gemini2928 said...

gosh i hope i am leaving these wonderful comments on all the goodies i have been receving from everyone in the right place..
i got a few more goodies in the mail past 2 days..
wow im telling they just keep coming.
i got 5 beautiful ACEOS from lolalynn. such beautiful work. all are beautiful but i really took to the butterfly. i am very proud to be the owner of my first ACEOs from lolalynn. thank you so much for all of my beauties of art

got some great and wonderful smell goods from deborahspencer. cherry almond lotion and bath soap and a few extras ! this smell just takes me away in an entirely different world. everyone should buy from her for all there bath needs. thanks girl for all you do and being so sweet

from luckyfinddesigns i received a beautful handmade apron. i must say this is my very first one ever..lol and what a nice print on that. she also included alot of extra goodies as well with this apron. thank you so much for being so kind

wow i still cant belive all this stuff i am getting.i have also now got alot of favorites on my fav list to !

gemini2928 said...

well wanted to say hi again and let you know i got another item in the mail today..
thank you so much lilbeansboutique for the lovely crochet hat ! there was even an extra item in there of chap stick for my lips.. wow this hat is stunning everyone wish i could show you.. please stop by her shop and check out her work..

also i forgot to mention sue and el gave me a spot on indiesmiles to promote my shop ! how much fun is that..i cant wait to see my name and add there .. thanks sue and el

i know the fun is almost over of getting care packages in the mail. 1 more left to get. its been so real and so much fun...thank you everyone once again