Friday, February 13, 2009

Good news so far from Mayo!!

FANTASTIC Valentine's Day News so far for Carole!!

We received the news so far my Mom has passed all preliminary protocol stuff [heart, blood thinning, lungs, etc] SO FAR, There is nothing eliminating her right now from being a candidate. On Weds, the selection committee will decide once & for all as well as once they receive cytology biopsy results.

Her doctor will call her Thurs or Fri. If she is a candidate, she will be bumped to top of list due to the fact it is a tumor. Also, she will become a national figure because of the rare nature of the cancer!

We have our flight booked for Saturday, so we will be going home to await the results. Depending on what they reveal will determine how soon we return for her to begin aggressive radiation & chemo.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, keep them coming!!


laace said...

This is the best news. I am sooo happy and relieved. I was so concerned, due to Carole's age that she would not be a candidate. This is the Best Valentine's Gift for my friends.
I Love You Cindy and Carole have a safe flight home. My prayers are unceasing.

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Dottie Sheehan said...

THis is great news! OMG you must be thrilled.