Friday, December 12, 2008

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Carole's Story

NOTE: This is created in honor of Carole for awareness & a plea for assistance toward her fight that necessitates a liver transplant.

To say this is a sweet, gentle, caring lady is a giver is an understatement; in the past she has demonstrated this many times over, e.g., participating in annual Multiple Sclerosis walks, running benefits, donating her time & energies toward numerous charitable causes: American Heart Association, American Legion, other various veterans-related orgs, & now American Cancer Society which this devastating diagnosis has now inducted her as a member recipient--these are just samples of her magnanimous & generous heart & nature. As a crossing guard, she had to painfully give up crossing kids where she once threw herself onto an oncoming car, saving a boy's life. There was never a time a child crossed her street who went without hats & gloves for she would go to stores & buy these herself--managers would hear of this & provide her discounts to buy in bulk.

Though she is a modest person, receiving this devastating news now forces her to fight for her life & be recipient of that 'pay it forward' philosophy she so instilled in her children & others. Please allow her to be the on the receiving end of this philosophy by providing her the gift of life. It is now her turn.

Thank you.


Tackyhandmade said...

Carole's Daughter owns Etsy Shop, Candlemaker. I've never met her but I've heard so much about her of recent. What a sad story, please help in any way possible. Twitter for Carole, Blog for Carole and if possible post an item in your Etsy shop to benefit Carole. I'll be posting one very soon!

Christie Cottage said...

I am saddened to hear of this. Thank you tackybackintime for letting me know about this need. I will help you promote your thread on etsy to benefit Carole's fund for a liver transplant.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carole
I to need a liver transplant also and reading some of your Blogs it hits home for me as well.

As i sat typing this i am fixing to walk out the door and will be driving to Okla City Integris Baptist Medical Center, this will be first visit!

I will keep up story and if i can i will donate!

I know what and how you feel. God Bless My Friend!

Painter Mommy said...

My uncle just got a liver transplant a few months ago. It has been a tough time for the family. How sweet of you to offer your help!!


kittyanydots said...

Carole sounds like such a wonderful lady! I'm honored to donate a print to the goodie basket, and wish Carole, you, her family and friends all the best!


I am running an add for Carole on my twitter! My thoughts are prayers are with you...

Terza said...

Wishing you the best in your quest... and admiring your fantastic use of resources at hand.

Anonymous said...

I hope that even by just tweeting I can help Carole. Sounds like she has spent her whole life helping others and the fact that she has been so important to children as a crossing guard in the past touched me.