Sunday, December 14, 2008

Etsy Artisans Donate Items for Carole

You have to love the Etsy community! When they hear about a cause they jump to action! So far we've had several Etsy Artisans donate lovely handmade and vintage items from their shops.

Wait until you see this beautiful treasury of the items donated to beneift Carole:

9 sales so far. AWESOME!!

Thank you for helping Carole with her liver transplant!
The funds will be directly paid to:
"In honor of Carole Stites-Luka"They accept paypal!You can read about her as a patient on that website as well.Donate an item from your shop or purchase one of the great items already designated!
Donation List:
Laacesplaace: (all items donated)
ChristieCottage: (SOLD)
hemplady4u: ( 1 SOLD 9 MORE TO SELL )
****** Carole Jewelry ******** (SOLD)
paratu ( SOLD )
(if someone wants something else, I will donate 100% of the proceeds.)
Bizzielizzie((Shipping is on me!! 100% proceeds will be sent to fund!)SOLD
LolaLynn (I'll donate 50% of any item from LolaLynn's Holiday Gift section until the end of Dec)
whatshername (SOLD)

Read what one Etsier said in this post about Carole:

wunderkrafts says:
This is kind of a long story - so bear with me!!My son who just turned 2 in October almost died when he was 3 months and was subsequently hospitalized 8 times thereafter. So many people helped me out at this time.I have been thinking after I read this story and I have come up with an idea how I could "Pay Something Forward".I am going to make 5 pieces of jewelry and put them in my shop in the afternoon over the next 5 days -- All the proceeds will go to the foundation. I will post the first piece later this afternoon. It is going to be a Owl bracelet. I picked the Owl for wisdom - in hopes that Caroles doctors will have some!! Unlike some of my son's doctors.I hope people will look in and like them well enough to buy the pieces!!I am going to name it the "Carol Liver Fund Jewelry".If this offends anyone - please convo me and I will not do it.Thanks for reading!!

You can find Wunderkrafts shop at:

Special mention for Tiffanysdesigns:
for donating the blog banner and twitter background for Carole

Also, to two shops that assisted in putting out the call for Carole in Etsy: a special friend
and she was assisted by

I wish I could mention everyone that has helped so far, and in time I should be able to.

Please visit the link(s) and purchase an item to help Carole!
Spread the word in Twitter!


Christie Cottage said...

Etsy is a caring community as shown by the author of this blog. She has items in and Always leading a hand, her heart and her inventory to help a worthy cause.

It is a pleasuer to be in such good company. My prayers are with Carole and her family that they will receive the blessing of a healed Carole.

nicaeli said...

I sure hope Carole gets everything she needs to get on that road to better health. All my best wishes.

Christie Cottage said...

We have 7 sales as of right now! I keep replacing sold items in our treasury. Thank you to all those who have donated and purchased items.

Tackyhandmade said...

Now up to 15 Sales, everyone is doing so well! Christie snagged a wonderful Treasury and sales soared!

Anyone from Etsy who wants to help can contact me at:

If you want to donate, please see this link
Make certain to put "in honor of Carole Stites-Luka"

As a crossing guard for 22 years, she once saved a childs life, she also would purchase hats and gloves in bulk so no child would be cold! Now it's her turn!