Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carole responds to outpouring of LOVE!

We've decided to post this as a promotion, you can find the list of shops that are donating items here:

Please feel free to Twitter about Carole and post any donations you have or a link to this blog which will have a list of all donations.

Now, you will love this. Cindy went to visit her Mom this morning to get her ready for the Mayo Clinic. She then began to show her all of the donations, links, twitters, blogs, etc. in her honor. This is the email that Cindy sent me and I have her approval to place it here:

I came here this morning to my Mom's where I type this & pulled up a chair beside me, sat her down, & said I have something to show you--it's a surprise. I then navigated thru all the lists of links I sent you earlier. She was shocked & speechless. The 1st thing she said was 'Oh my God' & sat there w/wide eyes & her jaw dropped. I went thru each 1 & it took us hours to read every single message which I read to her aloud.

I was going thru your blogs, Susan, & she was welled up & shocked when she saw all those artisans donating, the blogs they have written, & posts on top of their pages. After a while, she said, 'But, I don't even know everyone...I can't believe this' but she was practically whispering this as if to say this to herself & because she was astonished.

I got thru her Facebook & Myspace accounts & by the time I got nearly thru her Myspace page that you set up, Dottie, my Mom was crying & so was I & neither of us ever cry because we're both naturally stoic. We did have some laughs, too. Peggy, when I showed her the bands' adds, she would say, 'Even rock bands?!' & I would say yes. We saw drummers & band members. Beth, I showed her your email distribution & said, "Mom, this is only 1 distribution." She is just awe-struck. She says thank you so much & so do I.

I think she is overcome. I know she is profoundly touched & inspired. All throughout this she kept saying 'This is something else. This is something else,' & she choked up as I read her messages & what people wrote. She saw what you did, Susan & Linda, & said 'This is Kenny's cousin?' I said yes. She said, 'But I...never met her. I cannot believe what she has done & what Linda has done too.' She said this also about the rest of you & kept saying it all throughout: 'I cannot believe what has been done.' I took a picture of her reaction but it is not uploading. I will try to keep working on that. Thank you! Cindy

Cindy=Carole's Daughter
Susan=Tackyhandmade & Tackybackintime
Linda=Laacesplaace (Susan's Cousin and Cindy's Sister-in-law)
Kenny=Linda's brother
Dottie=Cindy's aunt

I will be posting a list of all the links again. In the mean time, look at the list of artisans that have donated their wares. Make a purchase, the proceeds go directly to the website for the transplant.

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You can twitter the link to items that are donated, or this blog. Twitter until you fingers are sore!

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